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This has been a hot topic for an on-going debate of selecting a job oriented course to pursue. And before taking this very important decision which actually drives you to the career progression and growth, it is equally important for you to select the institute which is known for its subject matter expertise. In other words; if you think you are able to share your acquired learning and knowledge, then you must accept the fact that you should also have great command over the subject. Here, we are concerned about the ever-changing technological evolution and its impact on the chip level, computer and laptop repair technology.

DLCIIT, Pune takes pride in having the same belief, with the help of which we have been able to share the technical expertise with the students. We are also of the firm view that a training institute regardless of the subject it is imparting the knowledge on, is not just recognized by the promises it makes, moreover it is known by the outcome it produces. This outcome is nothing, but the success its students achieve after completing the training. Our journey so far has been itself a great source of learning not only for our students but also for us. The motivation we get is the driving force behind our success. Few takeaways for your reference:

Make learning a tool: The most important of all the approaches to be adopted by you is nothing but learning. This is universally accepted that if you do not up skill or cross skill yourselves, you will never be able to match up the market demands. 

Take expert guidance: Chip level repair training is not as simple as it sounds, because it revolves mostly around the practical approach rather than the theoretical learning methodology. You also can not rule out the importance of theoretical aspects of chip level repair, but you must be able to apply what you learn is what we always strongly recommend.

Convert your passion through learning: Even if you are lucky enough to get the chip level repair expert you need, you will also have to put the equal level of effort. Learning is the only thing that keeps you going. Your passion to become a chip level expert is only fulfilled when you are able to chase your passion through your acquired learning and knowledge.

In the end, we just want to make this clear loud and clear that follow your passion through learning to become a #chip #level #repair #engineer.

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  1. Really great experience with Zaman Sir and DLC Institute, Easy to understand and real practical knowledge not only theory, Real time motherboard testing, including hot testing, or components level testing, personal dedication for each students and free to speak with directly Zaman Sir and understanding problems or Circuit knowledge, like VRM circuit or South Bridge / North Bridge, IC level, or BIOS Programming and all secret tips to quickly check problems and repair motherboard.... Thank you So much
    Zaman Sir, 😊🤗 miss you sir

  2. Very soon our NEW branch is going to be OPEN in MUZAFFARPUR (bihar)

  3. Nice Post thanks for sharing it s very useful. This Blog gives me so much information….

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